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You are most Welcome in About Us section. I am very happy to see you here. You are here so i can understand what do you want to know.

Well, If you are our blog followers then you know very well this blog is tech related (Educational Website) blog. Here we write Android tips, Computer tips, Blogging tips and Top & Site list. We made this website in 2016. We are very dedicated to curating the most extraordinary, creative and downright useful content from throughout the web and public media platforms.

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Point to be Noted:

Are you reading this till now? Thanks for taking an interest. I would like to tell you something which is very important for you.

I know you were thinking, This website name is in Hindi (Kuch Jano) but why here is only written in English ??

I registered this domain and learned something about WordPress in the starting of 2016. (I was not getting any domain name that what I was thinking, so I got this one.). I live in Hindi environment so got Hindi thought 😉 But the problem was in writing Hindi on PC (My hindi typing is very slow). So I thought why not to write in English, It will also improve my English skill.


Your Question My Answer:


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Q: Where can I find your social profiles?

A: You can find us on the following social networks. Make sure to like us to always stay up to date with the latest tips and tricks.


Q: How can I contribute to KuchJano blog?

A: You can contribute us by liking our page and connecting with our masterpiece tricks. We want to know what you think! Additionally, Make sure to share your best tricks with your friends via the share buttons on each article. You can also sign up for our newsletter, and forward those emails to your relatives and friends.


Q: Can I submit tech tricks to KuchJano blog? (Accept after 2018)

A: If you have an amazing written tips and tricks that you would like to share with us, email it to us at [email protected]. If we feel the tech tips is a good fit for our site, we will post it up. Keep in mind however, we get so many requests that we can’t respond to them all.


Q: Is KuchJano free?

A: Yes! KuchJano will always be free to visit and use.


About Me

Now if you wanting to know who is the creator of this blog. Lets see… 🙂

My real name is VIKAS KUMAR who is also known as DEVELOP. I am the owner of this lovely blog KuchJano.com . I am from India. I only speak two languages which are English and Hindi. Actually I am Hindi Medium student. So you may got some spell & sentence error in my articles.

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That’s it.,

Thanks for your time to reading about me.