Top 4 Best Site to Download PC Software for *FREE*

Do you have Computer ? or Do you need PC Software ? Well, You are here so i can understand you have and you require. Actually Software is the main part of any computer. without this your computer is as like TV 😉 Oh no before playing TV there is also need for Software. So software play the main role in doing something on PC. If you want to play Game then you should have game software. If you want to design logo then you should have designing software and so on…

When i purchased computer first time. On that time i didn’t know about software. When i knew the software but problem was where to download this. If i search something i got lots of ads and page redirection. Not only this, but also I was searching for logo designing software but i got downloaded file cleaner software. But Now i know the best site for software So i would like to share with you.

Best PC Software Provider FREE

Below are best place where you can get any software whatever Freeware, Commercial Trial. I would like to tell you that is my first priority to download software. So i recommend this. Let see all other best software directory.


#1. Filehippo.Com – Highly Recommended Site


FileHippo is an awesome website which enables you to download freeware,shareware open source programs for windows.FileHippo is known for its very easy to use FileHippo and it shows you the latest updates and popular softwares in its homepage.All software 100% spyware and virus free.It focus on quality than quantity and they provides latest popular softwares for you.



#2. Softpeadia.Com


Softpedia is download portal where you can get software for Windows,Macintosh and Linux and mobile operating systems.It has freeware,Trialware,retail software downloads.It gives information on technology,science.This site has awesome collection game downloads.The Principal categories are Windows,Games,Drivers,Mac,Linux.Scripts,Mobile,handheld and News.



#3. Softonic.Com


Softonic is an online repository where you can find apps,games and news.It provides software for operating systems such as Windows,Mac and Android.This sites features three most popular categories hot software,New Software and Latest updates which helps you find very useful apps for you and also software reviews help you find out software is good or not.



#4. BrotherSoft.Com


BrotherSoft has large collection of software for Windows,Mac,Linux,iPad,Blackberry and Android.It one among the top 5 leading software download websites.Brothersoft has more than 250000 freeware and shareware apps.This has 7 channel each of them are for specific purpose:Windows channel,Mobile channel,games channel,Mac Channel,Webapps channel,Widget channel and Driver channel.



Final Word

These are best Windows and Mac software provider. They provide paid and freeware software. You can download Commercial Trial software and use them as limited time from here. Comment below If you have any suggestion and concern about this topic.




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