Best High PR Web 2.0 sites list 2017

Are you looking for Web 2.0 sites ? Well, This post is for you. In this article i have listed working Web 2.0 websites list which is most useful to increase SEO ranking. These sites are very useful to boost Alexa rank and also increase search engine rankings. By using web 2.0 website you can get high quality backlinks to your site and also these sites send huge traffics to your blog/site.

Web 2.0 Definition ?

Web 2.0 describes World Wide Web sites which is introduced in 2004 that emphasize user generated content, Interoperability and usability. It is also called second generation of World Wide Web. In Web 2.0 digit shows the version of program. It also describe websites that use technology beyond the static pages of sites. Web 2.0 sites are best place for promoting content and building High pr backlinks to your blog/site.

Benefits of Web 2.0. ?

Web 2.0 website having huge traffics . So these Sites will be best place for your unique Article (written more than 500 words) that contains internal links for relevant articles of your blog to get backlinks and visitors also.

In short, Write an article (min. 500 word). that should be unique articles and never published in any other sites otherwise they will delete your articles. Take care of keyword density. Keyword desity must be upper then 1 to 3 percent. You can select appropriate image for that article. That’s it. Now submit it to Web 2.0 and see Boom.

Web 2.0 Sites :

Below are the best High page rank Web 2.0 website list.

PR 9 Web 2.0 List


PR 8 Web 2.0 List


PR 7 Web 2.0 List

PR 6 Web 2.0 List



These are the best high pr web 2.0 sites but there are many web 2.0 website available on the internet which is not listed here. If you are using any other Web 2.0, Please let us know in comment section.

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