Top FB Auto Liker to increase Likes on Photos/Videos/Status


Autoliker is the best way to increase likes on fb photos, update and videos. Auto likers also help you to increase followers on facebook profile. If you are managing page, Try auto liker to increase page likes, increase comment on any post, get likes on fb videos etc. You should read how to check who not accepted your friend request.

There are many facebook autoliker app in PlayStroe but here i am talking about best website for fb auto liker. Yes., There are a lot of website for this work but some are great in use. I will recommend you the best one. I will only tell you on the basis of personally used them. I would like you to read and know about FollowFast and Addmefast both are best to get unlimited likes on facebook post.


Why use FB Auto Likers ?

We are social human. We always want to stand top from others. So we always compare photos likes on facebook with friends. Some friends have 200-300 likes but i have only 50 likes. Now there is need of auto liker. Yes off course, why not If we can’t get likes then why not get it using fake process. So autolikers are the best trick to manifest your dream to get hundreds or thousands of likes on your post.


Why you shouldn’t use FB Liker ?

Yes bro., I am saying seriously it. If you use these autoliker they access your whole data what aver you hidden or your private message. if you don’t believe this read below image :


I hope you understand what you are going to give others. So it is in your hand to try autoliker or not.


Now still you have planned to use this then follow below process.


All Fb Auto Liker Websites :

Below are auto liker websites. They do the same work to provide likes on post. But all are not good to use (Because of security reason).,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

These are fb auto liker website. Now lets see best one to use for best result.

Best Fb auto liker (I used) :

Again i want to say this is not good for you. Actually auto liker website access your whole data and always post promotional post in groups, profile on behalf of you. It may be cause of your facebook profile ban. So try this in your another facebook account if you have otherwise create one.

(You should use 50+ big facebook group list to get unlimited likes by using like4like, sub4sub etc.)

Below are top fb auto liker, I highly recommend if you want to try. Lets see…


#1. Wefby

Wefby is best and easy to use for facebook autoliker.

Go to


#2. MyLiker is another best site for facebook like exchange.

Go to


#3. WeLiker

WeLiker is Facebook Auto Liker tool which help you to get autolikes on your Fb Account absolutely free.

Go to


Settings :

Before using fb auto liker you must make your profile public from Privacy settings. And also allow subscribers from this like


Final Word

I hope you got fb auto liker . Try these and comment below which is best liker website for you. and also let us know how much you got likes on your photos. 😉







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