How to get Unlimited Likes/Share by Addmefast Site

Do you want to learn to get Unlimited Likes ? Well, Today i will tell you how you can get unlimited share/likes/comment on your social page using Addmefast. Not only on page but also you can gain unlimited likes or comments on your photos or status. This method is very easy if you can! . Have a read our recent article, How to find who not accepted your friend request on facebook.

In Method #1, I am going to tell you one site from where you can exchange likes for likes, sub for like, sub for sub, comment for comment and so on…  Actually this is totally based on social exchange system. When you like/comment/share someones then you will get some point. After getting point you can use that point to get the same. So i am going to tell you best likes exchange site is Addmefast. You should try Followfast to get unlimited likes again.

There are many social likes changing site. But i positioned Addmefast on the first Based on my experience. Have a look BEST FB AUTO LIKER article where i have shared best fb autoliker.


Benefits of Addmefast : provides you to Unlimited Facebook Likes, Facebook Share, Facebook Followers, Facebook Post Likes, Facebook Post Share, Google+ Circles, Google+ Post Share, YouTube Subscribe,  YouTube Video Favorites, YouTube Video Likes, YouTube Views, Twitter Followers, Twitter Tweets, Twitter reTweets, Twitter Favorites, VK Page Followers, Likes, VK Group Join, MySpace Friends,  Instagram Photo Likes, Instagram Followers, Pinterest Followers, Pinterest Likes, Pinterest rePins, Reverbnation Fans, SoundCloud Followers, SoundCloud Music Listening, StumbleUpon Followers and WebSite Hits (autosurf).



Process to get Unlimited Likes :

Follow below process to get Unlimited Likes. (It may seem complicated and boring but I advice you to use this, If you understand this process then this will the superb for getting likes.)


Step 1.

Firstly Go to and click on registration (TRY FOR FREE NOW). (You may try FollowFast which is similar and alternative to Addmefast.)


Step 2.

Then Register with your email ID. After that check your email and confirm account.

Step 3.

After registering Your account, Login to your account.Then click on I agree terms and conditions.


NOTE : You will get 50 promotion points with your registration


Step 4.

You have to like others page to get points. The more points you collects then you can can obtain more Facebook Likes.


Step 5.

Add Your  Facebook Page or photo by clicking on Add Page/Site


Step 6.

Fill all required field as Type, Title, Page Url (facebook page or photo url), CPC (click per coin min.2 max.10)


Note: If you want to get likes on image, post – “change type” instead of “Facebook Post like”


Wait for few minutes and see your Facebook notification, Now you are getting facebook likes. 🙂


Final Word

I hope you understand how to get unlimited likes using Addmefast website. Recently i have shared another post from where you will get another likes Followfast as similar to Addmefast . Let us know how many likes you got in comment below.

Enjoy 🙂


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