250 High PR Dofollow Social Bookmarking Sites List 2016

Are you searching for high pr social bookmarking sites list ? Well, Here i am going to share high pr dofollow social bookmarking sites list Latest 2016 to get high pr backlinks. Free Social bookmark sites help you to increase Domain authority, increase Alexa rank, get traffics from Google, be top in google search result. I hope social bookmarking sites list will help you to gather search engine traffics.

Dofollow social bookmarking sites are the best way to get backlinks from high page rank site. These social sites list will give you high traffics (from Local, National, International search traffics). How to boost Alexa rank ? Answer is – make high number of backlinks to Social bookmarking site and get hack Alexa rank. You can use our posted article to get free high page rank backlinks site as High pr profile creation site list, High pr Dofollow CommentLuv Enabled Blog List .

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All about Social Bookmarking Sites :

High Page Rank Social bookmarking sites are the best place where you will get large collection of videos, web pages link, blog link, useful articles. Social bookmark is a great tool to share blog links or site links that any other Social site user go through means Promote your site/blog link by using social bookmark sites. There are many Social bookmarking sites in the internet But best social bookmarking sites, some of them are Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblir, Delicious, Stumbeupon and Digg etc.

Why you should submit link to Social Bookmarking Sites ?

Social Bookmarking sites is one of the best medium to get high page rank backlinks. According to my experience, we should submit every post to the best social bookmarking sites because they give dofollow backlinks and have huge traffics.

  1. Submitting blog link to social bookmarking sites helps you to increase page authority.
  2. Social bookmarking sites gives dofollow backlinks that will help to increase search traffics.
  3. Dofollow social bookmarking sites helps to boost and increase Alexa rank.
  4. Regularly submit blog link to get high traffics.
  5. social bookmark site help you to promote contents and brand.

Free Social Bookmarking Sites List – Latest 2016

Here i have listed high page rank dofollow Social bookmarking sites list with its pr number.

Dofollow PR 9 Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • http://www.Google.com/bookmarks
  • http://www.Pinterest.com

Dofollow PR 8 Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • http://www.Reddit.com
  • http://www.Slashdot.org
  • http://www.Tumblir.com
  • http://www.Delicious.com (http://del.icio.us/)
  • http://www.Citeulike.org
  • http://www.Mixx.com

Dofollow PR 7 Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • http://www.Bibsonomy.org
  • http://www.Digg.com (N)
  • http://www.Designfloat.com
  • http://www.Diigo.com
  • http://www.Frak.com
  • http://www.Newsvine.com
  • http://www.Plurk.com
  • http://www.Squidoo.com (N)
  • http://www.Scoop.it

Dofollow PR 6 Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • http://www.Blinklist.com
  • http://www.Blogpluse.com
  • http://www.Current.com
  • http://www.Dropjack.com
  • http://www.Dzone.com
  • http://www.Folkd.com/
  • http://www.Icio.de
  • http://www.Pearltrees.com
  • http://www.Wikio.com

Dofollow PR 5 Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • http://www.43things.com
  • http://www.Blogmarks.net
  • http://www.Dotnetkicks.com
  • http://www.bookmarker.work *
  • http://www.Dropjack.com
  • http://www.Earcon.org
  • http://www.Faves.com
  • http://www.Givealink.org
  • http://www.Hite.me
  • http://www.Ihaan.org
  • http://www.Killerstartups.com
  • http://www.Kirtsy.com
  • http://www.Soup.io
  • http://www.Twicsy.com

Dofollow PR 4 Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • http://www.Aixindashi.org
  • http://www.Cifcot3.org
  • http://www.Cosap.org
  • http://www.Dictaf.net –
  • http://www.Dupoineer.com
  • http://www.Easybm.com (https://www.bookmarkee.com/)
  • http://www.Gardicanin.net
  • http://www.Gen-eff.net
  • http://www.Gwrbook.com
  • http://www.Jodohkita.info
  • http://www.Jofrati.net
  • http://www.Lintas.me
  • http://www.London8.net
  • http://www.Lymelightweds.net
  • http://www.Ngopost.org
  • http://www.Pixador.net
  • http://www.Qqpipi.com
  • http://www.Relevara.net
  • http://www.Social-bookmarking.net
  • http://www.T3b-system.com
  • http://www.Thinmarker.com
  • http://www.Usefulenglish.net
  • http://www.Vtv10.com
  • http://www.Youmob.com

Dofollow PR 3 Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • http://www.a2zbookmarks.com
  • http://www.newsmeback.com
  • http://www.americasfutureleaders.com
  • http://www.articlesubmission.co
  • http://www.articlewritingservices.biz
  • http://www.blokube.com
  • http://www.bookmark2you.com
  • http://www.canadiancurrent.com
  • http://www.cbnco.biz
  • http://www.cloudytags.com
  • http://www.ezinedirectory.in
  • http://www.freshpips.com
  • http://www.manualarticlesubmission.biz
  • http://www.packg.com
  • http://www.prbookmarks.com
  • http://www.prmsp.net
  • http://www.stylehive.com
  • http://www.url.org
  • http://www.vbusacareers.com
  • http://www.xrumerservices.info
  • http://www.yemle.com
  • http://www.zabox.net

Dofollow PR 2 Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • http://www.adamovich.net
  • http://www.add-a-url.in
  • http://www.akonter.com
  • http://www.arrisweb.com
  • http://www.bamawater.com
  • http://www.biggestmovers.com
  • http://www.blinklist.co.in
  • http://www.bookmarkindonesia.com
  • http://www.buckleupwa.info
  • http://www.buddymarks.co.in
  • http://www.contenstuff.com
  • http://www.creditwebdirectory.com
  • http://www.deliciousbookmarks.in
  • http://www.diggbookmarks.in
  • http://www.dmozdirectory.in
  • http://www.folkdbookmarks.in
  • http://www.glutenfreetokies.com
  • http://www.highprbacklinksseo.info
  • http://www.humansthink.com (Paid Only)
  • http://www.ilearn2talk.com
  • http://www.indofeed.com
  • http://www.jumptags.co.in
  • http://www.klicknews.com
  • http://www.manualdirectorysubmission.co
  • http://www.metafilter.in
  • http://www.newsgarbage.com
  • http://www.onlinesocialbookmarking.com
  • http://www.openfaves.com
  • http://www.paddlewithapooch.com
  • http://www.portlandcvb.com
  • http://www.postolia.com
  • http://www.proioxis.com
  • http://www.rapandflow.com
  • http://www.realbusinessnews.com
  • http://www.socialbookmarkssite.com
  • http://www.socialisr.com
  • http://www.sociopost.com
  • http://www.sphinn.in
  • http://www.stumbleuponbookmarks.in
  • http://www.submitrightnow.com
  • http://www.technogies.com
  • http://www.tourdion.com
  • http://www.ttlink.com
  • http://www.txnheducation.com
  • http://www.v12.me
  • http://www.xyupload.com
  • http://www.yahoodirectory.in

Dofollow PR 1 Social Bookmarking Sites List

  • http://www.4bukmark.com
  • http://www.6buk.com
  • http://www.a1bookmarks.com
  • http://www.a1webdirectory.in
  • http://www.a2zbookmarking.com
  • http://www.acmeimplants.com
  • http://www.activebookmarks.com
  • http://www.beniebag.com
  • http://www.blogstal.com
  • http://www.bookmarkbay.com
  • http://www.bookmarkdulu.com
  • http://www.bookmarkfeeds.com
  • http://www.bookmarkgroups.com
  • http://www.bookmarkin.com
  • http://www.bookmarkinghost.info
  • http://www.bookmarkmaps.com
  • http://www.bookmarks2u.com
  • http://www.bookmarkwiki.com
  • http://www.bruher.com
  • http://www.buy-back-links.com
  • http://www.buy-backlinks.co
  • http://www.buyhighpageranklinks.com
  • http://www.coolpot.com
  • http://www.daytipper.net
  • http://www.developlinks.com
  • http://www.easymash.com
  • http://www.eggig.com
  • http://www.ewebmarks.com
  • http://www.eyeofberlin.com
  • http://www.followmenow.info
  • http://www.freesbmblog.info
  • http://www.georgehurrell.net
  • http://www.goldenmidas.net
  • http://www.greateststory.info
  • http://www.growgw.com
  • http://www.heritageweb.net
  • http://www.highprdirectorysubmission.com
  • http://www.jaydedirectory.in
  • http://www.klicknews.com
  • http://www.linksprocket.com
  • http://www.livewebmarks.com
  • http://www.mister-wongbookmarks.in
  • http://www.mixxbookmarks.in
  • http://www.mobilespecsfeature.com
  • http://www.mylinkvault.co.in
  • http://www.ncrheadlines.com
  • http://www.newsciti.com
  • http://www.onlinewebmarks.com
  • http://www.openwebmarks.com
  • http://www.pflueger28ezloan.com
  • http://www.pligg.in
  • http://www.profitinnovators.com
  • http://www.pwrseo.net
  • http://www.redditbookmarks.in
  • http://www.scrapees.com
  • http://www.searchengineoptimizationpricing.co
  • http://www.searchenginesubmissionservices.info
  • http://www.seo4bookmarks.com
  • http://www.seoforgoogle.biz
  • http://www.slashdotbookmarks.in
  • http://www.snapperzfunlafayette.com
  • http://www.socbookmarking.info
  • http://www.social-bookmarking-site.com
  • http://www.socialbookmarkden.com
  • http://www.socialbookmarkingservices.biz
  • http://www.socialbookmarknow.info
  • http://www.socialbookmarksite.info
  • http://www.socialbookmarkzone.info
  • http://www.squidoobookmarks.in
  • http://www.startaid.co.in
  • http://www.statflyer.com
  • http://www.teamleaks.com
  • http://www.tejero.net
  • http://www.thepitapit.com
  • http://www.tiltzero.com
  • http://www.topseobacklinks.com
  • http://www.topsocialbookmarkseo.com
  • http://www.ummahbuzz.com
  • http://www.veenaandneena.com
  • http://www.votetags.com
  • http://www.votetags.info
  • http://www.voteurl.com
  • http://www.websitebookmarking.net
  • http://www.youmarking.com
  • http://www.zeverse.com


Last Word

I hope you are enjoying to submit link to free high pr social bookmarking sites. I expect that your blog/site will get high traffics from search engine and then your Alexa rank automatically boost up. If you have any other social bookmarking sites or If you are using any other bookmark sites then Comment below. You should like our facebook fan page to get latest notification.

Enjoy 🙂


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I have a bookmarking website http://www.bookmarker.work with Global Alexa ranking of 440,418. It’s been over 10 month and provides do-follow links.
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