How to Check Wifi Password of connected wifi hotspot in PC (Hot Trick)

Hey, Today we will learn how to find out wifi password from connect device (Windows 7, 8). This is simplest trick (not hacking) to check password from  wifi connected device.  This tricks only works when you are connected that wifi ever.

Follow below process to find out Wifi Password:

I.   Firstly Click on “Signal Connection” icon (Near to Timing show or in Hidden icon )

II.   See Available Wifi Connect in  “Wireless Network Connection” Section .

III.   Right Click on  Wifi signal that you already connect before.

wifi network Properties click

IV.   Click on “Properties“.  Then select Security Tab in Wireless Network Properties

wifi network show password click

V.   After select on Security Tab, Click on Show characters Check box.

Wifi network password view

VI.   Your wifi password will be reveal in “Network Security Key” box.   Enjoy  🙂  and use this wifi password to connect other device without asking wifi password again.


 I hope you learned How to check wifi password , Please Comment below and share with your friends on facebook.


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