How to get Backlinks from Facebook


Backlinks from Facebook, As you know Backlinks is Important For Your blog/site to be top in google search result. Below process will show you the way you can get backlinks from Facebook. Facebook is very Famous Social massaging site and has Page rank 9 and also has a lot of Traffic.  So lets see Best process to get PR9 Backlink from Facebook.

Follow below step by step process to get high pr backlink from Facebook.


Backlinks From Facebook :

Follow below process step-by-step to get high pr backlinks from Facebook.

Step 1.

Login to your Facebook Account

Step 2.

Go to Here and Click on “Add Static HTML to Page“. This app is very useful to make Do Follow backlink to your site through facebook page



Step 3.

After this you will have to Select Facebook page to add this app and get back link.


Step 4.

Select Page and Click on Add Page Tab then Click on Set up tab


Step 5.

Remove txt index.html and add your own link as..

<a title="check out" href="" target="_blank" rel="dofollow">Kuch Jano</a>


Note:  Replace your link and name

Step 6.

After replacing link and name Click on Save & Publish Button

Step 7.

That’s done..!!  Now open you page as viewer or open in another browser to see your facebook page Backlink to your Blog or site. As shown below..


Step 8.

In Welcome Tab, is your Direct PR9 Backlink to your site.



I think this tutorial helped you in making backlinks from facebook. If you are searching for more source of getting high pr backlinks then follow this backlinks hub.



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