How to make bootable pendrive in simple way

Hey, If  you want to learn How to make bootable pendrive, You are in the right place Here is the simplest method (Process-by-process) to make Bootable pendrive. Firstly you should know What is use of Making bootable pendrive ??  Well, Bootable Pendrive enable you to format your PC (Laptop or Computer) with Lynx, Window (XP, 7, 8, 9, 10) without any DVD or CD.  Only you should have Flash pendrive and Operating system DVD. If your DVD Drive is not working well then this method is very useful for you to format your system by using pendrive.

There are many way you can use to make bootable pendrive. Today i am going to tell you making bootable using lili Software.  Download this bootable making software form below Direct download button.


I.    Download lili software from above link.

lili 1st step

II.   Open installed lili software.

lili 2nd step

III.   Choose pendrive location in the CHOOSE YOUR KEY section.

IV.   Choose DVD location or ISO location of Windows (XP, 7, 8) in CHOOSE A SOURCE.

V.   Your pendrive should be cleaned, so clean pendrive or check Format the key… option.

VI.   Now click on power icon in STEP 5 : CREATE section


Note: Write down zip password-


Watch video tutorial –


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