How to make shutdown icon on desktop…?

Hey friend,  Are you searching for how to make Shutdown Shortcut icon on desktop..? Have you tried this before..? No..!!  Well, You are at the right place Where you will learn to making shutdown shortcut icon on dektop. Today i will teach you making shutdown icon on desktop for fast and easy shutdown Windows Operating System. Use below method to create Shutdown shortcut icon on your desktop easily

Lets start this tutorial to make shutdown shortcut icon on desktop (Windows XP, 7, 8, 10)..

Follow below process  to make Shutdown Shortcut:

I.   Right click on desktop  >>  Select New  >>  Click on Shortcut

II.   After click on shortcut..

III. Write shutdown -s -t 00 in Type the location of the item . (Here 00 is shutdown timing as ZERO, you can change as you wish)


IV.   After Typing location, click on Next and Next..

V.   That’s Done. Now you will see this icon on desktop.


VI.   If you want to change Shutdown icon image thenRight click on shutdown icon  >>  Properties  >>  Click on Change Icon… in Shortcut Tab  >>  Choose shutdown icon  >>  OK  >>  Apply  >> OK


VII.   Now Enjoy 🙂 Your shortcut icon Created on your desktop.



If you found this  something useful for you then share this tricks to your friends, Also Comment below.

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