Recover Facebook deleted data easily, How…?? [OFFICIAL]

Hey friends, Today we will learn how to recover facebook deleted data from facebook.

Do you know your all facebook data as photo, status and other data are being stored in facebook data server ??  It may be use further. Facebook has provided the download link where you can download your all facebook data easily.

Process to getting facebook data

I.   Login into facebook.

II.   Go to General account Settings

III.   Click on Download a copy of your Facebook data.




IV.   Then click on Start My Archive Button in next page



V.   Then it will ask your Facebook password, Enter your password and hit Submit.



VI.   That’s Done..!! you will see pop up likeWe are gathering your information and will send an e-mail to [email protected] when it is ready for download.” .


Wait for few minutes and check your email.

Download your facebook data file from mail  >>  Unzip it  >>  Open the folder where you will find your photos, videos, message, pokes, friend list and other things >> Open File (In brower – .html format)


COMMENT BELOW.. If you have any query regarding facebook data server.


Enjoy  🙂

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