Top 10+ Best Battery Saver App for Android Smartphone, Must use..!

Android OS Smartphones is one of the most used mobile OS in the Smartphone zone that comes with various useful features and they are friendly in use but maximum of Android user are facing battery problem, They always use to search Best Power Saver app for Android Smartphone. Every smartphone buyer should buy higher mAh battery. The higher mAh battery, the higher battery backup. Some Android device also give 2-3 days battery backup, Do you know why ? Because they have higher mAh battery and also may have lower number of features like – Small screen, optimized CPU, and many more things.

Today we are going to discus Why Android device has low battery backup ? and How to boost battery performance by using Battery saver apps ? Well, There are many app in your smartphone that suck up your battery. Battery sucker things may be Gmail app, facebook app, Games, Whatsapp, Big Screen, Big CPU, Internet (3G and 4G), Big RAM and may background task also suck your battery backup. But here is one question How Battery Saver App will be helpful of optimizing and hacking Battery life ? Battery saver app optimize the battery performance by pausing Opened unused app and also by killing Background task. Lets see the lists of Battery saver apps –

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Best Battery Saver Apps list for Android

#1. DU Battery Saver


DU Battery Saver is an app that Optimize battery performance and extends battery life for Android Smartphone. DU Battery Saver app is developed by DU apps Studio who makes DU speed booster. DU Battery Saver has 10 milion user in the world. DU Battery Saver app is use to check battery status, battery health, temperature and more. Just Simply hit OPTIMIZE button and it will shutdown unused background apps. DU Battery Saver app use to save 50% more battery life, and its pro version can be save up to 70% of android device battery life (DU Battery Saver Company claims). DU Battery Saver has many features like – Optimize battery power level up to 50% without charging, Smart power Management Modes, Pro feaures, Intelligent Mode Switching and more. Direct download DU Battery Saver app from Google Play Store.

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#2. Avast Battery Saver


Avast Battery Saver is also power saving app design for Android Smartphone . Avast Battery Saver company claims it save up to 20% on one charge. Avast Battery Saver app is used for optimizing phone setting as like internet connection, manage screen brightness. Avast Battery Saver app features – It optimize battery life by its level like (Night, Home, Work, Emergency), Kill unused app in background, Shows accurate battery lever in %. Direct download Avast Battery Saver app from Google Play Store.

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#3. Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)


Battery Doctor is also one of the best battery saver app, which is developed by Cheetah mobile, Called KS mobile. Battery Doctor has 330+ million users. Battery Doctor app can optimize and extend your battery performance up to 50% as like DU battery saver. Just tap Power Saving and it will optimize battery power. Battery Doctor app is designed for battery optimizing up to 50% and it automatically adjust best settings for you. Battery Doctor app will notify you when battery power is below 20 %. Battery Doctor app is available for both Android and iOS platform User. Battery Saver app features – Kill unused app in background, Schedule battery saving modes on different situations (wi-fi on and off, Net Browsing, Playing Game), Screen Brightness Control. Direct download Battery Saver (Battery Doctor) app from Google Play Store.

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#4. GO Battery Saver



Go Battery Saver is also one of the popular battery saver app. Go Battery Saver app has 150+ million users, which is developed by Go Dev Team. Go Battery Saver app is design for extend android battery life and has a nice looking apps. Go Battery Saver app is very powerful tool for extending battery life by 50 %. Go Battery Saver Optimize power consumption by killing background running app, managing Wi-Fi, Screen brightness, Mobile internet Data, bluetooth and many other android service which may suck your battery. Go Battery Saver Widget save battery when you need it most. Go Battery Saver app features – One click power consumption optimization, Smart battery save, Battery saving indicator. Direct download Go Battery Saver app from Google Play Store.

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#5. Easy Battery Saver


Really are you facing battery problems then you should try Easy Battery Saver app for android battery optimization. Easy Battery Saver is developed for extending battery life. Easy Battery Saver app has many features like – General saving Mode, Super power saving Mode, Normal Mode, Advanced Customized Mode. Easy Battery Saver app is easy in use. Direct download Easy Battery Saver app from Google Play Store.

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#6. Juice Defender – Battery Saver



Juice Defender & Battery Saver is also one of the best battery power saver app. Juice Defender & Battery Saver is user friendly app and use for Schedule synchronization events, Keep power consumption under control, auto-toggle wifi. Juice Defender & Battery Saver has almost 7 million users. Juice Defender & Battery Saver is also design for speed up android device by killing unused opened app, manage Wi-fi, Mobile data, CPU Speed to extend power backup. Juice Defender & Battery Saver app feature – It has two home screen battery saver widgets, battery suck up optimization. Direct download Easy Battery Saver app from Google Play Store.

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#7. NQ Easy Battery Saver


NQ Easy Battery Saver app is also best app for extending battery time and speed up android phone. NQ Easy Battery Saver app is designed for smart assistant, quick setting, monitor battery usages and has optimization tools for killing unused opened apps. Direct download NQ Easy Battery Saver app from Google Play Store.

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#8. Battery by MacroPinch


The Battery app is designed and developed by MacroPinch for hacking battery power of Android device. Battery by MacroPinch has a great UI interface and easy to use. Direct download Battery by MacroPinch app from Google Play Store.

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#9. Advanced Mobile Care


I think you have used Advanced PC care for Computer. Now use Advanced Mobile Care in your Smartphone. Advanced Mobile Care is Created by IObit Mobile Security. Advanced Mobile Care is use for Android Security and performance optimization. The main feature of Advanced Mobile Care is used for extending battery life, real time virus scanner, lunch games speed up and smoothly without any disturbance. Advanced Mobile Care is a nice app and easy to use. Direct download Advanced Mobile Care app from Google Play Store.

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#10. Super aTool Box Cache Battery


Super aTool Box Cache Battery is also famous battery saver app which is developed by Aipopdev. Super aTool Box is use for managing and improving Android Smartphone performance. Super aTool Box app is used to display memory information, remaining time of battery, Video time, Web Surfing and your idle time. Super aTool Box app is also use for cleaning Web history, cache and more. Direct download Super aTool Box Cache Battery app from Google Play Store.

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I hope you are enjoying by downloading these ten Best Battery Saver Apps for Your Android device to increase Battery performance. If you think this was something helpful then Please Like our Facebook fan page and also Comment below your query, regarding Battery saver apps.


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