All BSNL USSD Codes *Mar 2019* (BSNL Balance Check Number)

Hey, Today I come with all BSNL USSD Code for Indian User. Below BSNL USSD codes enable you to check BSNL main balance. Just only you have to dial these BSNL USSD Codes to check mobile balance (as 2g, 3g, 4g and main balance), bsnl mobile number portabilility, bsnl net balance, BSNL Number Check Code.

Bookmark this page to get these BSNL USSD Code easily. When we purchase new BSNL SIM then We don’t know how to check BSNL balance of 2g, 3g, 4g etc. Also we don’t know how to activate Miss Call Alert, a Caller tune, Value added service in BSNL Mobile. We also don’t know how to get BSNL Internet setting.

So These BSNL USSD Codes help you in Checking Balance, Getting Internet setting, Activating & Deactivating Value added service, Checking Remain Internet Data and many more. You just not need to call BSNL Customer Care always, Only apply these USSD Code in BSNL and get wanted result. I have Checked these BSNL USSD Code in Bihar, UP, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Tamil Nadu etc. You can check these USSD Codes in your state and comment below if works in your state to help other Visitor.


BSNL Net Balance Check Codes

Dial *124# or *123#

BSNL USSD Codes to Check Balance (2G, 3G, 4G, Main bal.)


BSNL has launched its app to check BSNL account balance and BSNL internet balance. Use this app to check account balance because ussd codes is not working properly many times and give wrong information.

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BSNL main balance Check *123#
BSNL internet balance check *124#
BSNL SMS balance check *125#
BSNL GPRS data balance *124*#
BSNL GPRS night pack *123*8#
BSNL GPRS/3G data *112#
BSNL GPRS data and validity *123*6#
BSNL 3G data balance check SMS “DATA 3G” to 53733
BSNL 2G data balance check SMS “DATA 2G” to 53733
BSNL video call inquiry *123*9#
BSNL SMS local message inquiry *123*1#
BSNL national SMS message inquiry *123*2#
BSNL Internet and balance validity *123*10#

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USSD Code for BSNL, Activation & Deactivation Service

BSNL 3G activation Code dail M3G to 53733
BSNL ISD activation Code SMS ACT space your name to 53733
BSNL Astrology Activation Code *456*21#
BSNL Astrology Deactivation Code *456*22
BSNL auto tips Activation Code *456*96#
BSNL auto tips deactivation Code *456*97#
BSNL beauty tips Activation Code *456*500#
BSNL beauty tips deactivation Code *456*501#
BSNL Bollywood activation Code *456*99#
BSNL Bollywood deactivation Code *456*98#
BSNL Cricket activation Code *456*55#
BSNL cricket deactivation Code *456*56#
BSNL Gandhiji quotes activation Code *456*08#
BSNL Gandhiji quotes deactivation Code *456*09#
BSNL Geeta Activation Code *456*71#
BSNL Geeta deactivation Code *456*72#
BSNL General Knowledge activation Code *456*508#
BSNL General Knowledge deactivation Code *456*509#
BSNL Gurbani Activation Code *456*61#
BSNL gurbani deactivation Code *456*62#
BSNL Health Tips activation Code *456*636#
BSNL Health Tips deactivation Code *456*637#
BSNL History activation Code *456*77#
BSNL History Deactivation Code *456*78#
BSNL Mega Pack activation Code *456*01#
BSNL Mega Pack deactivation Code *456*02#
BSNL money matters activation Code *456*43#
BSNL Money matters deactivation Code *456*44#
BSNL Motivational Quotes Activation Code *456*506#
BSNL Motivational Quotes deActivation Code *456*507#
BSNL myths Activation Code *456*94#
BSNL myths deactivation Code *456*95#
BSNL News activation Code *456*31#
BSNL News deactivation Code *456*32#
BSNL power of words activation Code *456*88#
BSNL power of words deactivation Code *456*89#
BSNL Ramcharitmanas activation Code *456*408#
BSNL ramcharitmanas deactivation Code *456*409#
BSNL Sai Baba activation Code *456*724#
BSNL Sai Baba deactivation Code *456*725#
BSNL Stock activation Code *456*41#
BSNL Stock deactivation Code *456*42#
BSNL Freedom activation Code *456*512#
BSNL Freedom deactivation Code *456*513#
BSNL Kollywood activation Code *456*522#
BSNL kollywood deactivation Code *456*523#
BSNL Mollywood activation Code *456*520#
BSNL mollywood deactivation Code *456*521#
BSNL Navratri activation Code *456*81#
BSNL Navratri deactivation Code *456*82#
BSNL Shree Ganesha activation Code *456*514#
BSNL Shree Ganesha deactivation Code *456*515#
BSNL Shree Krishna activation Code *456*516#
BSNL Shree Krishna deactivation Code *456*517#
BSNL Tollywood activation Code *456*518#
BSNL Tollywood deactivation Code *456*519#
BSNL Karvachauth activation Code *456*83#
BSNL Karvachauth deactivation Code *456*84#
BSNL Tips of Bride activation Code *456*502#
BSNL tips of bride deactivation Code *456*503#
BSNL Tips of Groom activation Code *456*504#
BSNL tips of groom deactivation Code *456*505#
BSNL Sardar Patel activation Code *456*92#
BSNL Sardar patel deactivation Code *456*93#
BSNL Diwali activation Code *456*90#
BSNL diwali deactivation Code *456*91#
BSNL Chacha Nehru activation Code *456*14#
BSNL Chacha nehru deactivation Code *456*15#
BSNL Indira Gandhi activation Code *456*16#
BSNL Indira gandhi deactivation Code *456*17#
BSNL Bakra-Eid activation Code *456*786#
BSNL bakra- eid deactivation Code *456*787#
BSNL Christmas activation Code *456*18#
BSNL christmas deactivation Code *456*19#


BSNL Customer Care No. : Dial 198


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