Have You Seen Laptop Selfie Stick.?? (See Photos)

Have you used Selfie sticks ? I know you have already used smartphone selfie sticks But i am talking about Laptop selfie Stick ?? I know you never seen or used Laptop selfie stick. Laptop selfie stick might be new photography selfie sticks. This is first one selfie stick that’s designed for laptops (Specially MacBook) . The first Laptop Selfie Sticks is created by artists Moises, Tom Galle and John Yuyi.

This stick will be larger in size then other smartphone selfie stick . you can calculate as Laptop weight may be 900-1000g (let. 1kg) and selfie stick weight 300g . That means you need both hand in use to take selfie with Laptop stick selfie.


Laptop Selfie Stick :




(Photo Credit goes to MacBookSelfieStick.com)

Final Point

I know you really impressed with laptop selfies. Let us know what are you thinking about in below comment box.

Enjoy  🙂

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