How to Check Wifi Password of Connected WIFI hotspot in PC *Mar 2019*

WIFI Password is one of the most search query on the internet. Everyone wants to hack wifi password of neighbours. So today We come with the awesome trick to check wifi password of already connected wifi in computer. This is not a wifi password hacking but this is simple wifi trick to know wifi password if pc connected with any wifi router.

This WIFI password hacking trick only works in Windows operating system(7, 8). Again I want to say that this is not hacking but this is only a simple process to get password of already connected WIFI.

Process to Get Wifi Password

Follow below step by step to find wifi password of connected device in PC.


  1. Firstly Click on Signal Connection icon (Near to Timing show or in Hidden icon )
  2. See Available Wifi Connect in  Wireless Network Connection Section.
  3. Right Click on  Wifi signal that you already connect before.wifi network Properties click
  4. Click on Properties“.  Then select Security Tab in Wireless Network Propertieswifi network show password click
  5. After select on Security Tab, Click on Show characters Check box.Wifi network password view
  6. Your wifi password will be revealed in “Network Security Key” box.
  7. Enjoy  🙂 Use Network Security Key as wifi password to connect another device without asking wifi password again.

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Final Word

I hope you understand the process of getting wifi password of connected device in computer. If you have any question regarding this, let us know in comment below.






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