How to make a blog on *100% FREE*

Do you want to make your own blog.? Then blogger is the best choice to make a blog. Blog is the best medium to impress someone through your writing skill. This is also best for earning money. Yes! You can easily earn money thought Blogging. You should know is also a blog where i update what i learn. But this is paid blogging. But in starting you should choose free blogging area like and .

In this tutorial, I will tell you how to make account in to blog.


Why i prefer for blogging ?

There are many free blogging area where you can write blog as like, etc. Both are best for blogging. But i highly recommend you to use if you want to earn money in feature 😉 Really Many blogger earn big amount using this free blogging platform.

And the main part is, is a part of Google. was started by a tiny company in San Francisco called Pyra Labs in August of 1999. But finally in 2002 has been sold to Googe.


Basic Process to Create a Blog

Here i am giving you basic process to make blog on Follow step by step and learn making blog.

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Step 1.

Firstly open in next tab.




Step 2.

It will require your gmail login. So login to your Gmail account. (Previously i told you is a part of Google. And if you have Gmail account, You can access all Google Product through one Gmail Account.)

Login to continue…




Step 3.

After login to your account hit on Continue to Blogger button.




Step 4.

After Confirm Your account, You will see look like below image.

Now Click on New Blog which is just blow to your profile picture.




Step 5.

In next window, Type Title, Address(This is your blog name So choose it unique) and select the blog Template (This will be your blog design. You can change this anytime after creating blog).

Check your details and hit on Create Blog.




Step 6.

That’s Done. Now you have successfully Created your blog in

Now do the click on Start Posting to post an article and Hit on View blog button to see your blog preview.






Final Word

I hope this article helped you in creating your blog. Now post at least 5-10 unique article to earn money thought your blog. If you have any problem in process then comment below.

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