Top 10 Social Likes Exchange Sites in World (Unlimited Likes by Like4Like)

Are you searching for best Like4Like or sub4sub type site? Well, You at the right place. Here I will share 10 top sites for social exchanges. By the help of top social exchanges, you can boost likes on your Facebook post. Not only this but you can also get Random comment, Followers & Fan page likes on Facebook. Social exchanges sites are not limited to only Facebook. They provide Facebook exchange, Twitter exchange (Twitter, Like or favorite, followers), YouTube exchanges (Video view, Video likes, Subscribers), Google+ exchange(Followers, Google circles/Followers), Linkedin exchange, Soundcloud exchange, Stumbleupon exchange, and Diggs or Dilicious bookmarks and much more…

After lots of update in social media, AutoLiker websites are not working well. But yes, You can easily get 250+ likes through AutoLikers. Well, We are talking about like 4 like social exchanges. Now it’s easy to boost social signals through these sites by 100% safe way.

If you are blogger and webmaster then this method is very useful to get Free social signals on your article. It will boost your page social signals that are the part of Google SEO.

Like 4 Like Social Exchanges

I was same as you that I was also finding the best social exchange. I have used 50+ like4like site. And today I thought why not write about this to give benefits to my visitors. Below exchange sites are handpicked by me on the basis of getting More Likes, Followers, Subscribers and User-friendly site.


  1. – LinkCollider is one of the popular social exchange in the world. I usually use this social exchange to get likes, shares, bookmarks and traffic on website. LinkCollider is top social exchange for getting a lot of traffic on websites and boost alexa ranking.
  2. – FollowLike is one of the best place to get Likes, Follows, Subscribes, Bookmark etc.  This site provides full exchange service of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Linkedin, Reddit, YouTube, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Vimeo, VK, Vidme, Flickr, Reverbnation,, Stumbleupon, 9gag & Bookmarking Site like Delicious, Diigo, StumbleUpon. Using this site you can increase social presence and also make money.
  3. – is one of the fastest growing social media exchange sites in the world. It’s really Osm if we are talking about its social media service. Get Free Likes, Followers, Shares, Comment, Tweets, Retweets, Views, Subscribers, Circles, StumbleUpon Followers, Pin, Repin, Revines, Plays, Fan followers and much more through
  4. – is continually running from 6 years. There are 11.8 million registered users. So you can understand how is popular. I am using this site for 1 year. Here you can easily increase likes on your photo.
  5. – is another site to Free social media promotion, likes, followers, shares, event joiners etc. It is similar to above site. Here you can earn money from social shares, likes & doing micro jobs.
  6. – is another popular site to increase likes and followers. This site is active from 2012. Here are 200+ active users to exchange social service with you.


So these were the social signal booster. I hope you really enjoy them. These social signals creator sites are not ending here. There are many social exchange sites but I have listed only top social exchange site. If you are using any other site for getting likes then let us know in the comment section and also share this list with your friends.


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    I don’t know how should I give you thanks! I am totally stunned by your article. You saved my time. Thanks a million for sharing this article.

  • Thanks for sharing LinkCollider! This is what I need!

  • bhusan b bhaskar

    like4like is the most stupid worst time wasting site & linkcollider is the best ever social exchange.Don’t waste ur valueable time n money registering with They don’t understand ur hard work.They will provide so many you-tube subscriber after u register n surf but next day they will bring back all their subscriber saying a msg that like ”After our regular system checkup, and automatic account diagnostics at community website, we found some of your social media interactions that have not been registered properly, and some members that have revoked their social media interactions while trying to earn credits by manipulating the system…We at are determinate to provide the best service that we can, and because of that, we will refund your account with lost credits, and warn members involved in this issue… 🙂
    the total amount of credits that will be refunded is: 560 credits.
    Just log in to community website, and collect the credits… :)”. This ready-made message will increase ur bp after wasting ur 12/13 hours time n money. So I request youtubers to not to go that bogus site. Linkcolider is decent & very user friendly.

    bhusan b bhaskar

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