Best Google AdSense Alternatives in India List 2019

Are you blogger or webmaster? Well, this post will help you to make money from your blog or website. In this post i will show you Google Adsense alternative. Google adsense is most popular way to monetize blog to earn high money. Google Adsense is the best ads network which is first earning options for any blogger But Google adsense has very complex term and conditions So many of blogger rejected or banned from Google Adsense because of not following Adsense term and conditions. If you are one of them who did not get approval from Google Adsense then you must use the list of similar Google adsense site to monetizing blog post to earn money. In direct way, If you are rejected from google Adsense then try highest paying ads network to earn money from blog.

Listed Google Adsense alternative ads networks are the best choice to earn extra money including google adsense if you got approval from adsense. These ads networks use to fast approve application except some ads network like If you are newbie bloggers then you should apply these ads network to earn extra money. Now lets see best highest paying network as like google adsense .

I would like to say from my point of view, There is no really similar to Google Adsense. Firstly apply to Google AdSense and if you got disapproval from Adsense then go with these highest paying Google Adsense alternatives .

Google Adsense Alternatives

Below are best money making site which is best Adsense alternative in 2017. So lets try to monetize your site with google Adsense alternatives.


#1. Infolinks – Best Adsense Alternative

infolinks-google_adesnse-alternative is the best ad networks alternatives of Google adsense. Infolinks ad network is widely used network with Google Adsense Because Infolinks well perform without taking extra space. Actually Infolinks use anchor text which performs like a ad. Infolinks is very fast approval ads network, Only you have to follow their basic guidelines. Before infolinks submitting, You should know that your site should not related to illegal stuff. Infolinks use to pay on Net45 basis by Paypal, Western Union, Wire transfer and Bank transfer.

You can say infolinks is best alternative of google adsense. Infolinks is very differnet from any other ad networks. Basically it provide 4 types of ads to display on site. Four type of ads like InFold, InFrame, InTag and InText.

Infolinks Minimum payout threshold is – 50$ for Paypal account and 100$ for direct bank trasfer.


#2. RevenueHits


RevenueHits is one of the best alternatives of Google adsense and Infolinks Which is founded in 2008 and operated by Israli Company (MyAdWise Ltd). If you really want to generate more revenues with ads then RevenueHits will be best choice for you. Revenue Hits provide variety of ads medias like text ads, Banner ads, Pop-up, Sliders ads and buttons ads. You should use Revenue Hits network at once in your blogging journey . RevenueHits Provide self services for Advertisers and Publishers where Publishers (Webmaster or Blogger owner) can start making money with RevenueHits ads network which is another Google AdSense alternatives and Advertisers can get high quality traffics by paying little amount.

RevenueHits Minimum payout threshold is 20$


#3. Adversal

adversal-google_adesnse-alternative Ads network is one of the famous advertising network which has a great Click Through Rate (CTR) and supports several languages. Adversal is best alternatives of Google AdSense, Infolinks, Chitika etc.

If you want to go with Adversal ad network then your site or blog should have 50,000 monthly page views otherwise you will disapproval from this ads network. Adversal supports lot of payment options like Bank transfer, Paypal, Check, Wire transfer and ACH.

Adversal Minimum payout threshold is $20 for check and $250 for Wire transfer.


#4. is one of the famous Google adsense alternative. is powered by Bing and Yahoo. Yahoo and Bing has started contextual ad network known as If you are getting high traffic from search engine (Mostly from USA, UK, Canada etc.) and have almost 20+ post then you should apply for and wait for approval otherwise increase site traffic and then apply for it. is having same process as like Google Adsense. Firstly you should read term and condition of Yahoo and bing ad network. Term and condition changes time to time so you must follow all its rule otherwise you will disapprove from .

If you have got approval from then apply its code to your blog or site. Now customize ad size, color and type (banner and text) and apply codes. Minimum payout threshold is $100 (by cheque)


#5. Chitika

chitika-google_adesnse-alternative is another famous ad network which is best alternatives of any ads network for contextual ads. Chitika paid on a CPC basis. You can use this ad network without approval means there is no need for waiting approval. Only sign up Chitika and use code in your site to display ads. Chitika is based on 3 types of ads – Local ads, user search engine queries ads, Targeted ads and Mobile ads. If you have large traffics from US, UK and Canada then this will be best for you.

Chitika Minimum payout threshold is $10 for PayPal and 50$ for Check payments.


#6. Bidvertiser

bidvertiser-google_adesnse-alternative is another advertising network which is highest paying Adsense alternative. This ad network is best alternative to Infolinks, AdSense and Adversal. Bidvertiser can be use if your adsense account get banned and disapproval. Bidvertiser use bidding system to bid highest for blog or site.

Bitvertiser offers many ads type like Banner ads, Mobile Ads, Slider Ads, Text Ads etc. Bitvertiser use to pay money through PayPal, cheque and direct bank transfer or Wire transfer.

Bidvertiser Minimum payout threshold is $10 for PayPal or PayZa and $50 for cheque.


#7. VigLink

viglink--google_adesnse-alternative is another Adsense alternatives which is just like a affiliate program that change outgoing links into affiliate links. If any one click on affiliate link and make purchase then it will give you commission of purchased product.

VigLink, There is no minimum payout threshold, but it takes 60 days to payout earned money.


#8. Adengage

Adengage is an online advertising network for publishers to sell direct ads. Since arrival, it has served 1.2 trillion Ads. Minimum payout is $50 and you can get paid via Paypal, Wire, Check and Western Union.

Adengage Minimum payout threshold is $50 (by cheque, Wire transfer, Paypal)


#9. Qadabra

Qadabra-google_adesnse-alternative is one of the famous ads network which is known as Adsgadget. Your blog or site should have good traffic then you can apply Qadabra ad network and get approved otherwise without high performance and traffics to your site, will get disapproval from Qadabra. It is best Google Ads alternatives. If you have less content then Don’t worry Qadabra will give you approval to show ads on your site.

Qadabra provide rich media ads like Pop-Ups ads, Sliders ads, Lightbox ads and Stay Ons ads. This is best adsense alternative to monetize your blog post.

Qadabra Minimum payout threshold is $1 for PayPal, $20 for Payoneer Prepaid Card and $500 for Bank transfer (Wire transfer)



clicksor-google-adsense-alternative is another ads network similar to Infolinks and Kontera. This is third party ad network. If your site have good traffic then earn real money from Clicksor ad network.

Clicksor Minimum payout threshold is $50



I hope you got the best alternatives of Google Adsense. This post is very helpful for those who disapproved or banded from Google adsense and now they want to earn money as compared to Google AdSense. There are many ads networks to monetize blog post but here i have listed best Adsense alternatives out of them. So let us know your experience with these adsense alternatives in comment section.


  • infolinks does not pay …. their tracking is very very bad

    • You are right bro.. 🙂

      I was also using infolinks in whole page but it show only 0.03$ earning but Adsense shows 1.5$ .

      Thanks pratik for commenting here..!!

  • I accept your points. I was also facing this so i leave infolinks.

    Thanks Dhanunjai for sharing your experience..!

  • yeah you are right as adsense rules now a days are not that simple that was in the past

  • Hello!
    Thanks for sharing the list with us.
    After working with several networks I remain with MarketAds because they have the biggest rates on the market. This network works great with both small or big publishers.
    You should give them a try.
    Thanks and good luck with your blog.

  • Abhishek Chaudhary

    Nice post vikas bhai!!

  • I think the CPC and RPM per 1000 views are Best In Google Adsense that’s why For me Adsense is the Best CPC Network but Sometimes due to Invalid Clicks Adsense account get Ban for that we can use other ad networks like Infolinks and

  • I think Most of these Pay You Best When You have US, UK & Australia Visitors. I have tried out Bidvertiser, But It Shows Pop UP Ads, While Using Adsense, I can’t use POP-UP Ads. It will also increase my Bounce Rate too.

    • 100% agree Gloria.

      I have used many ad networks like I experienced that No one is compared to Adsense for Indian traffic site.

      Thanks Gloria!

  • Nice Post. but No One Can Adsense. I have used Many Ad Networks & Seen that Hardly 2-3 Networks are Able to Provide CPC like Adsense.

    • You are right Patel. We can’t compare Adsense with any ad networks.

      As you told “Hardly 2-3″ Networks are Able to Provide CPC like Adsense”. Patel, May i know which network is as good as Adsense in India..??


  • Thanks Mishra for Motivating us.. 🙂

  • I tried maby adsense alternative. But its pay low then AdSense. So i leave other ad network and focus on adsense .Adsense is good for blogger.

    • You are right Gaurav. I had tried media. net and other ad network and got some frustration. This is not for indian blogger who getting only indian visitors.


  • I am using on my two websites and its really good. I replaced most of my google ads with My renew has grown 50%.

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